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Happy September! If you're in the States, we hope you enjoyed the Holiday! For everyone else, here's hoping you had a great Monday yesterday!

This month The Customer Success Journal is taking a deep-dive look at Enablement and Adoption. This week we have a great selection of useful articles on the subject for you to checkout.

We also have a special event that we're very excited to announce. Samuel Hulick of, yes the man behind all of the teardowns you love, is hosting a workshop in San Francisco this month. The Retain More Signups Workshop will be held twice, once on 9/23 and again on 9/24. You should check it out, it's a great opportunity to work intimately with one of the best in the business. Register early as I understand space is limited!

Adoption and Customer Success

Driving Adoption

Measuring Adoption

Increasing Adoption

Adoption Tools

Special Event - Workshop

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