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Who owns writing and distributing product change announcements?
OUTCOMES member, Michael Fulvio, is asking the community for input about which department should be writing customer-facing product release notes. See what others have to say.
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Jeffrey Kirkpatrick is in the process of developing a framework for managing his company's Customer Success program and is keen to learn about the benefits an Agile approach could bring to his team's operations. Read more.
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33 of the Best Productivity Tools for CSMs
The job of a CSM is tough. It’s time consuming, requires a lot of focus (while juggling a ton of different things) and has a lot of responsibility. While there are innumerable tools available here are 33 that are sure to help.

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This Week's Top Reads
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The 7 Best Learnings about Delivering Success through a Customer Onboarding Team
Turn back the clock just 4 years. At that time, there were only four of us when I started working at Resultados Digitais, in the Customer Success team. In 2013, the Customer Success Managers were…

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You know exactly when and how your customers interact with your brand, right? (No? You should — if it happens online, it’s all trackable). Read more.

Getting my first management role in Customer Success was as easy as snapping my fingers. I just asked my boss for a manager role and they gave it to me. Read more.

This guide will help you understand what goes into a comprehensive and reliable LTV measure. Read more.

I rave about user interviews. They’re cheap (see: free), potent (you get more than what you ask for), and efficient (you only really need to talk to five people). Read more.

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