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How do you turn your B2B customers into brand advocates?
Chargify's Kate Harvey shares several examples of actionable ways to create B2B brand advocates.

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Last week we asked for some help choosing between these two popular customer support / engagement platforms. The debate has been healthy and active! Read the latest.
OUTCOMES regular, Maranda Ann Dziekonski was kind enough to share her thoughts on the best way to go about this critical process. Check out her advice

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Why make a TOP 100 list? Customer Success TOP Influencers and Strategists
To tell you the truth, it’s not just about celebrating those who are making a difference, putting themselves out there to be scrutinized by the world, and breaking boundaries to propel an industry forward. It’s also about the value brought to people trying to listen and learn from those industry leaders.

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In his latest letter to shareholders, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos explains why centering a business on "obsessive customer focus" is the best way to succeed. Read more.

Plus 5 things you can implement to accelerate your users on their path towards awesomeness. Read more.

With customers getting ever more power in business relationships through low commitment pricing models (e.g., month-to-month or utility pricing) and low friction switching costs (e.g., cloud), an irresistible force is dragging on your client base. Read more.

When it comes to customer support, focus on the fundamentals, not the flash, to build a solid product with a loyal customer base. Read more.

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