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Introducing the SuccessCOACHING CSM Coaching Program!
This week we pre-announced to the community our brand new, first-of-its-kind, professional coaching program for CSMs. The response has been incredible. Find out more.

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OUTCOMES member, Eduardo Koch, is looking for suggestions on technology solutions that help specifically with the onboarding phase of a Tech (Low) Touch CS model. Read what other members suggested.

OUTCOMES regular, Adam O'Donnelly, speaks to Glenn Oclassen, SVP Customer Success at Traackr about how they introduce the CSM to new customers before the deal even closes. Check out what our members thought of this approach.

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Repeat After Me: “Customer Success Managers are not Support”

Without a separate Support function, CSMs are prevented from proactively selling the value of your product. They are too busy solving issues.

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Peter Drucker once said the only purpose of a business is to make and keep a customer. For the past decade, software companies have been pretty good at tackling the first half of Drucker’s statement. The next ten years will be defined by the latter. Read more.
With the emergence of the subscription economy and in particular in the SaaS industry, we have come to distinguish 2 main business activities that contribute to the growth of a company: Hunting and Farming. Read more.

“Ownership” is one of the most overused terms in modern work; it shows up in the business buzzword dictionary right next to “synergy” and “taking things offline.” Read more.
To measure customer experience, brands must start with the data to measure activities, emotions, and relationships. Here’s how to find relevant data. Read more.

The Latest From Success Stories
The Three Biggest Myths in Customer Success About Time Mastery And Why They Are BS!
Before you can master your time, you have to acknowledge what you are doing today. To help you see reality for what it is, Nils Vinje shares the 3 biggest myths in Customer Success about time mastery and explains why they are BS!

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