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Interview: Internal Alignment
Maranda Ann Dziekonski gives good examples of how she breaks down the departmental barriers during a video interview with Adam O'Donnell of Successly.

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Customer Journey: Turning it into a Methodology
Every time I started thinking about our Customer Journey, it seemed too big and too complicated; until I started thinking about it as a methodology.
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3 Tips to Up your QBR Game
Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) are absolute table stakes for any Customer Success strategy. Use these three sure-fire tips to rock your next QBR.
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An Agile Manifesto for Customer Success – Interview with Todd Eby of SuccessHacker
Adrian Swinscoe and I sat down to talk about why the the future of customer success is agile, why that is and what firms need to learn to do in order to be more successful.

To expand on our perspective on Customer Success after the Totango CS Summit, we spoke to Peter Armaly, the Principal Transformation Advisor at Oracle.

Great products are the lifeblood of every tech company, whether young or mature. Within the current SaaS landscape — especially regarding self-service and transactional sales models where switching…

Do you follow up with your Detractors? You should. Here are 12 reasons why.

There is a misconception that all SaaS growth is linear, and that exponential SaaS growth is impossible. Negative churn says otherwise, and you'll find out just how your SaaS can achieve hockey-stick growth in this article debunking the myth that all softwares as a service grow linearly.

The development and maturation of key account management and – in the SaaS world – customer success, are easily two of the most important changes to have surfaced in selling and servicing customers over the last 25 years.

Tips For Creating Customer Success-Focused Customer Education Programs

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