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Contributor of the Month - Claudia Musick
We're excited to award our first ever 'Contributor of the Month' award to one of our newest members. Find out more about Claudia and how you too could be in for a chance to win this new brand award.
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Choosing a platform for customer support and engagement is a big decision for any company. Join the discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of two of the industry's best known solutions.
We enjoyed this non-SaaS question from member, Tyler Gomez, this week. He asked how he can apply CS / CX best practices to his new role managing a local car dealership. Share your ideas.
An interesting debate around the pros and cons of having your CSMs handle upsell and whether or not they should have a quota. Tell us what you think?
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This Week's Top Reads
The most interesting things we've read this week from around the interwebs. 
What You Should Measure, But Probably Don’t
Okay data junkies, let’s pause for a second (or about 244 seconds as this article is a little lengthy), and review what we are measuring in our Customer facing organizations.
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After three decades of leading data teams at companies like LiveOps, Netscape and ReadyForce, Looker founder and CTO Lloyd Tabb's biggest learning isn’t what you would expect — or want to hear: You’re measuring the wrong metrics. We all are. Read more.

Well that’s where Emmanuelle Skala comes in. She’s the VP of Sales at DigitalOcean, and there’s something different about her job in sales: she’s also the VP of Customer Success. Read more.

I love reading studies and benchmark reports. The statistics and facts give a snapshot of interesting and often relevant trends. My favorite report from last year was issued by New Voice Media, which reported that $62 billion of business was lost due to poor customer service. Read more.

Pre-customer, from day one, companies are beginning to talk about Customer Success best practices. Here are six emerging trends in SaaS Customer Success. Read more.

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