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Voting has closed and the winner was The Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences! Join us as we enjoy this great book together and stay tuned for a (potential) bonus surprise!
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Community member, Howard Yermish, wants to know whether you would consider changing from NPS to Thumbs Up/Down ratings system? Share your opinion.
"Being too eager to help is just as bad as apathy. I fell into this trap a couple of weeks ago and it has been haunting me ever since." Read Joseph Palumbo's story.
Customer Success software sounds great. But what about if your team is small? How do you tap into the benefits of technology, without getting overwhelmed with the time and costs of implementation? Read what our members have to say.
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The most interesting things we've read this week from around the interwebs. 
Top Two Secrets to SaaS Customer Success by 5 Cloud Visionaries
Watch what Tiffani Bova (Salesforce), Catherine Blackmore (Oracle), Tien Tzuo (Zuora), Nick Mehta (Gainsight), Aaron Fulkerson (MindTouch), and Dan Adika (WalkMe) have to say about Customer Success (while at SaaStr Annual) — in particular what it means to their individual organizations.
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Customer Success isn't just about Customer Success, it's about skills, learning, growth, people, and more. Here are some TED Talks about some other life things, but that will help you as a CSM. Read more.

The lean mindset calls for vigorous experimentation and constant improvement. While speed is valuable, Eric Ries, in The Lean Startup, advocates for a careful application of the scientific method over a just ship it attitude. A startup’s efforts then become “experiments that test its strategy to see which parts are brilliant and which are crazy.” Read more.

Customers who don't use your product often enough are going to churn. Adding integrations can keep user engagement high--which means lower churn and more cash. Read more.

Revenue Ops is a term that’s gaining some mindshare in the SaaS world. Revenue operations teams combine marketing operations and sales operations into one team. Yesterday, I heard time a further refinement of this idea: Customer Operations. Read more

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