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Keeping your training audience engaged.
Is it better to have weekly training sessions that are well attended but no one interacts or should we just make training videos? Michael Fulvio is looking for guidance on training from the community. Do you have some experiences to share with him?
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New OUTCOMES member, Gerard Clarke, is trying to figure out the best way to implement a successful 1-to-many strategy. View the discussion.
Lindsay Schutte Crittendon, VP of Customer Success & Operations at Chute decreased churn by 20% once she figured out which model was best for her team. Listen to her story.

Kristina Couchon is looking to learn from other members about how they've set up their Support and Success organizations, both in terms of reporting lines and technology foundations. Join the discussion.

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Start Up on the Right Foot — Build a Customer Advisory Board

Sales leader Peter Kazanjy on creating a group that will ensure you're building a product your customers want, need and will buy.

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Customer Health Score isn't sufficient to measure challenges with your customers. Implement Customer Maturity Index to get a clear picture. Get started now.

Your customer churn rate might not seem bad now. But in 5 years, it'll be your most expensive oversight. Here's why you literally can't afford to ignore churn.

When dealing with Customer Success, be inquisitive and willing to ask what may seem like obvious questions. Get other teams involved, and help your customers move forward with your product.

If you are like everyone else, you start your day with an inbox full of emails that need to be addressed, phone calls that need to be returned, and

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