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I'm creating a referral program. Any suggestions for referral software or strategies that have worked?
Leah Sevey from Nexosis is looking for some wisdom on how to create an effective B2B referral program. Can you help her? Join the discussion.

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Neils Bier from Germany is keen to hear your experiences with sending drip email campaigns to existing customers. Which format is better - plain text or rich HTML? Share your thoughts.
Carine Blanchet, CSM at Clarabridge, was kind enough to share an HBR piece that she recently read and thought was very applicable to her role. What do you think?
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Guest Post: How to Get Product Managers Excited to Work with Customer Success
A Customer Success team is only as good as its information. After all, if they waited until the customers told them what’s wrong — they’d be Customer Service.

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The 2017 Top 25 Influencers in Customer Success Revealed
To quickly ramp up your company’s Customer Success strategies, learn from industry-recognized masterminds. We have identified today’s leading TOP 25 Customer Success Influencers within the industry and enlisted our world-renowned judges to weigh in on the nominees. 
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Happy customers are a startup’s greatest asset and a significant source of referrals. The opposite is also true — if customers are disappointed during your early startup days, they can kill your business overnight. A good match moves you from customer selection to customer success. But how do you make sure you’re a good fit? Read more.

It can take effort to determine the right metric for your company, but the result can be an excellent program that decreases churn. Read more.

As the profession matures, though, the focus of the Chief Customer Officer (CCO) has to shift from building a stand-alone function to integrating it with the rest of the organization. The interaction between CS and Marketing teams is particularly ripe for such integration. Read more.
Paul Teshima says customer success professionals should own a quota, pursue career pathways across a company, and include relationships in health scores. Read more.

Both the UX and Customer Success industries are vital to one another and make perfect teammates. Read more.

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