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This month we're going to be starting something new at The CSJ and on OUTCOMES: The SuccessHacker Customer Success community...each month we will be exploring a portion of the Customer Success lifecycle in-depth.

This month we are focusing on Onboarding and all of the aspects and factors that go into delivering a spectacular onboarding experience for your customers and your team. Yes, your team!

If that sounds interesting, scroll down to read further and be sure to click over to OUTCOMES for even more information, articles and to participate in a working group that will be constructing a set of plays and playbooks that you can snag and use to improve your own Onboarding process.

Onboarding Experience

Onboarding Process

Measuring Onboarding Effectiveness

Customer Training & Onboarding

Onboarding Tips & Tricks

Great Onboarding Reading

Onboarding Tools To Check-out

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